White Mountain Snowmobiling & Top of the Rockies Zipline Tours


Are you visiting Summit County and looking for wild adventure the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than White Mountain Snowmobiling and Top of the Rockies Zip Line Tours. Located only 30 - 45 minutes from downtown Breckenridge and only seven miles from Leadville, White Mountain offers thrills and excitement for all ages. 

What Is Offered On the Snowmobile Tours?

To simply put it, adventure. Imagine the thrill of ripping a 550CC snowmobile through untouched powder across the tops of nearly 14,000 ft peaks. Take a break mid-ride to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while gazing out at endless scenery only the Rocky Mountains can provide. Then, finish off the ride by cruising past old mining claims and abandoned cabins on your way back to basecamp. Take full advantage of your time with White Mountain by combining any snowmobile tour with a one of a kind zip line experience.

When I say White Mountain Snowmobile Tours has something for everyone, I mean everyone. They offer nine different tour packages to choose from. Tours range from two hours all the way up to six hours and everything in between. Visiting with small children or elderly family members? The two-hour “Prospector Tour” is ideal because it offers riders the opportunity to ride together on the same snowmobile. If it is your first time riding a snowmobile or you are traveling with other inexperienced riders the two-hour “Performance Tour” is the perfect tour. Before starting the “Performance Tour,” riders will enjoy adequate time to practice in an open meadow course on their new Polaris sleds. Experienced riders and thrill-seekers have the option to choose from either the “High Adventure” tour or the “Rocky Mountain Challenge.” Both adventure tours offer explorations into remote areas where riders will tackle steep mountain terrain and high alpine environments, including rocky mountain pine forests, windswept tundra, and backcountry bowls filled with pristine powder. While the “Rocky Mountain Challenge” is only offered as a six-hour tour, riders of the “High Adventure” tour can select from two, three or five-hour tour options. If six-hours of snowmobiling is too much action, any tour can be paired with lunch and a zipline tour. Not into Snowmobiling? No worries, White Mountain Snowmobiling tours can also be enjoyed from the inside of their co heated Snow Coach! Observe breathtaking scenery while climbing up steep winter terrain. Throughout the ride, an experienced local guide will point out areas of interest and provide commentary about the mining and settlement history of the Leadville area.

What Do I Need To Bring Snowmobiling?

Snowmobiling is an outdoor sport where you will be exposed to Winter conditions in a high alpine environment. Depending on the time of year, temperatures may be well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Lucky, Colorado has an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, so there aren’t too many days with below zero temperatures. The average temperature in Breckenridge between November and March is thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit (source: NOAA). When participating in any outdoor Winter activity, there are several essential articles of clothing everyone should have. 

1.    Winter Jacket
2.    Snow Pants
3.    Gloves
4.    Thermal Underwear Top
5.    Thermal Underwear Bottom
6.    Thick Winter Socks
7.    Winter Hat / Beenie
8.    Snow Boots

Optional clothing and accessories include:

1.    Long-Sleeve Fleece Mid-Layer
2.    Face Mask / Balaclava 
3.    Hand / Foot Warmers
4.    Glove Liners
5.    Ski Goggles / Polarized Sun Glasses

White Mountain Snowmobile Tours offers complimentary coveralls and snow boots for those who think their boots might not be warm enough or for those who simply wish to add an extra layer of Warmth. However, please remember to bring your own goggles or sunglasses for eye protection as those are not included. Helmets are provided free of charge and are a mandatory piece of equipment.

What If I Am Visiting Summit County in the Summer?

No worries! If you are visiting during the Summer months and snowmobiling is not available, White Mountain Snowmobile Tours has a sister company, Top of the Rockies Zipline. Top of the Rockies Zipline offers two exhilarating and educational tours from the beginning of May through the end of October. 

What Zipline Tours Are Offered?

Top of the Rockies Zipline offers two different tour packages. They offer a two-hour Package which, has the option to add lunch, and a five-hour Rails and Zipline package. The five-hour package features a ride on the historic Leadville and Southern Colorado Railroad. Before riding the train, you will meet the Engineer and Crew, where you will begin your journey through both history and scenery. Along the way, you will enjoy a history lesson about Leadville and the mining that took place during the Gold Rush back in the 1850’s. Furthermore, you will learn about wildflowers, nature, the surrounding mountains, and potentially even spot a Bald Eagle.

What Is Included With Every Zipline Tour?

Before embarking on the zipline tour, you will board the company’s six-ton monster truck. The monster truck is a comfortable 4-wheel drive van that shuttles guests to the starting section of the zipline which sits at 11,500 feet. Once at the top, you will begin orientation and training where you will learn how to use the gear and how to ride the zipline for the most thrilling experience. After orientation, it is time to step up to the first of six launching platforms. Along the ride, you will enjoy epic rocky mountain scenery and an abundance of wildflowers such as the Columbine, Colorado’s state flower. The zipline course will take you over valleys 300ft off of the ground, through the woods, and alongside mountain creeks. Culminating at the final launching platform of the Big Nugget Zipline. The Big Nugget is a side-by-side zipline with six different routes each with unique terrain, speed, length and distance off of the ground. 

Last Winter, Julie and I were lucky enough to participate in both the Ziplining and Snowmobiling tours during the height of Winter and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! The night before it snowed six inches and the next day it was bluebird clear. The fresh snow allowed us to experience snowmobiling like never before and the blue skies combined with a light wind caused the snow to blow from the trees as if we were in a snow globe. The Top of the Rockies Zipline Tour is absolutely a one of a kind adventure for the whole family and something both Summit County locals and tourist alike must experience!